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Hello everyone, my name is Driton Kaleviqi. I'm an architect, 3D architecture designer, Founder of  

                         DRITON KALEVIQI GROUP & CONTRACTORS.

We are enthusiast architects And Contractors with vast experience in the field of architectural drawing Construction and carry certification from the software. We can provide the full drawings for building regulations including floorplans, elevations, sections – structural engineering and details by using BIM software ARCHICAD,  3D Max. and many other more Programs. We provide a high quality of project visualization including interior and exterior renders, animation, and 3d floorplans. 

We’ve worked with companies of all shapes and sizes  All Over The World with remarkable success and on my behalf, I promise again


So contact us if you’d like to work together on your Architecture project construction or 3D DESIGN, VISUALISATION, AND RENDERING.


NOTE!  All work that is done a small project or large free or donation concept or proposal rejected since:

                                                 © 1997-2023 Driton Kaleviqi  All Rights Reserved Dkg Trading, Inc.

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